Six Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

There are over seven thousand languages spread across more than seven billion people. Many people want to learn a new language, however, the very thought of how much effort they have to invest prevents them from doing it. We have chosen some of the reasons why it’s beneficial to learn a foreign language that we consider to be the most important and which may help you pick up a new language.

  1. Improve your employability

We are witnesses that more and more people are moving outside the boarders of their country in search of business opportunities, be it to a neighboring country or across the ocean. Furthermore, because of the global connectivity, new professions and jobs require knowledge of at least one foreign language. Companies do business with foreign clients and it is extremely important that their staff knows more languages so, if you want to improve your chances of being considered for a job, you should study hard and expand your knowledge.

  1. Enhance your brain functions

Many researches have been conducted to find out how learning a foreign language affects the brain. The conclusion was that studying a new language is, without a doubt, one of the best exercises for the brain. People who know more than one language have higher general intelligence, they are better at making decisions and planning, they have a better memory and are more creative and these are just some of the numerous advantages. If you take into account that learning a new language is one of the hardest thing a brain can do, it is logical that the prize is worth it.

  1. Explore new cultures

Learning a language will not only have a positive effect on your brain functionality or employability, but you will have a unique opportunity to explore a new culture, as well as their customs and traditions. Language and culture are certainly very intertwined so by learning a new language, you will inevitably „enter” a new culture. In addition to learning about another culture, you will have a chance to analyze your own from another perspective which will expand your knowledge as well.

  1. Make your trips easier

Everyone likes travelling, but many people are scared and have trouble with communicating outside of their own country. One thing is for sure – it will be much easier to communicate and find your way in Spain if you know Spanish than if you only speak, for example, Croatian. Learning just a few of the most important and common expressions is enough and on your next trip you will feel more comfortable and safer and you will be able to communicate with the natives with much more confidence.

  1. Make new friends

One of the best advantages of travelling and development of today’s technology is the possibility to get into contact with a person on the other side of the world at any given moment. Having knowledge of multiple foreign languages significantly improves the chance of meeting new friends and interesting people with even more interesting stories or even find the love of your life. In any case, a common language will be of great help.

  1. Reinforce the knowledge of your mother tongue

One of the good things about learning a foreign language that probably isn’t that obvious is the fact that, while learning a new one, you will reinforce the knowledge of your mother tongue as well. You see, people do not think about grammar, spelling and different constructions in their own language. However, while learning a new language, we learn its spelling and grammar rules and compare them to ours which automatically makes us pay more attention to our language and expand our knowledge.

There is simply no reason not to learn a new language. Maybe you already have a job so you have no use of easier employability, but you will surely feel good when you order food in a restaurant in a foreign country in their language. Learning a language does not have to be hard if you make it fun and the feeling of pride and fulfillment when you are able to use that knowledge is irreplaceable. In the end, do not forget, people say that as many languages you know, as many times you are a human being.

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