Sworn Translation

Certified or sworn translation means that a sworn translator (court interpreter), authorized by a competent court, guarantees that the content, style and terminology of the translated document are faithful to the original. Only a sworn translation has the evidentiary power of a public document, which means that if you want the translation of your documents to be formally recognized by a public authority, it has to be translated and authenticated by a sworn translator.

Typical documents that may require sworn translation are diplomas, certificates of citizenship, degree certificates, contracts, birth certificates, driving licenses and passports, judicial decisions, training certificates, marriage certificates, criminal record certificates and other official documents. Make sure to ask the competent authority whether you need a sworn translation or standard translation service.
It is important to note that a sworn translation must not be changed – all amendments and modifications are prohibited.

Sinonim works with tried and trusted sworn translators, so you can be sure that you will get a professional and fast sworn translation service.

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