Have you ever seen a movie, TV show, or a promotional video where timed text lagged behind the sound, or the translation was not very useful, and even sounded funny? What does that make you think of the providers of those contents? That is why professional subtitling is needed, which involves specialized software and a good translator, who will make sure that timed text is accurate, concise and flows smoothly on the screen.

Video content is king nowadays. Ads, instructions, reviews, interviews and many other contents presented in an audiovisual form spark enormous interest because they are multidimensional, attractive and give viewers the feeling of interaction. This is what gives companies the opportunity to intrigue potential customers and engage with them though diverse marketing channels. They are also available on demand, whenever the viewer wants them, which goes hand in hand with today's busy lifestyle. Videos are estimated to reach up to 80% of online traffic this year, and 90% of customers say videos help them decide about the purchase of a product or service.

What do we offer?

Subtitling is primarily the translation of all types of audiovisual materials. Since picture and sound have to function as one, we make sure to get the technical details right, such as timing, duration and length. For complete synchronization, the subtitle should appear as soon as the narrator or character in the video starts speaking and disappear when they stop. Scene changes have to be considered in this process to enable the viewers to enjoy the content without interruptions.

What kinds of subtitles do we provide?

We can produce subtitles for all types of audiovisual materials – from short, promotional videos and reports to feature films and documentaries. Our professionals know how to convey your message throughout the world!

Subtitling workflow


● Identifying dialog/speech start and end times
● Identifying individual subtitle duration with respect to frames


● Analyzing the context and style
● Translation and adaptation


● Detailed revision of timing, duration, length and flow
● Grammar, spelling and style checks


● Final quality check

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