Copyediting is a detailed and complex process aimed to improve and refine written contents so that the final result is grammatically correct, clear, consistent and logical. Spelling, grammar and style come first, but copyediting can be – and often is – much more than that.

While reading a novel, an instruction manual, or an online ad, you may have noticed spelling and grammar errors, as well as typos. What kind of impression do you get from such writing? Do you feel that the author is sloppy or even untrustworthy? That may be so, however, it is often difficult to correct or copyedit the text you wrote yourself.

Why copyediting?

Because copyediting ensures that the reader won't be distracted by trivial errors or incomprehensible sentences. Because a second or third pair of eyes can always spot some flaws or inconsistencies that the author of the text maybe wouldn't notice. Because you will be sure that your customer or partner will not give up on working with you since "it's all Greek to him". Let our experts take care of all the linguistic aspects of your texts, so you don't have to rack your brain about it.

What about certified copyediting?

Sinonim issues copyediting certificates, which are often required for university theses and research papers. We provide this service for texts written in Croatian and English. We won't allow your paper to be rejected because of grammar or spelling errors, after all these caffeine-fueled sleepless nights and all that hard work and efforts you've invested into the writing process!

Copyediting workflow


● Finding and correcting grammar and spelling errors
● Reviewing linguistic aspects like syntax, morphology, word formation, lexicology
Making stylistic changes, spotting and correcting inconsistencies in the text


● Second reading of the modified text
● Spotting and correcting any previously missed errors


● Preferably done after a few days
● Correcting any remaining inconsistencies or flaws

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