Seven Tips for Learning a Foreign Language

As we have already seen in our article Six Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language, learning a foreign language has many benefits. Besides the obvious ability to communicate with more people, there is also improved brain function, more employment opportunities, etc. That is why we have decided to offer some tips for learning a new language easier.

  1. Work every day

If you really want to learn another language quickly and well, it would be best to work on it every day. You do not have to spend hours learning vocabulary and numerous rules. It is enough to take a little bit of time and learn a couple of new words. Make it a part of your daily routine and you will expand your vocabulary in no time.

  1. Communicate in the language you want to learn as much as you can

Try to speak the language you have decided to learn. It would be ideal to use it in oral communication, but you will benefit from written communication too. For example, you can find a native speaker and exchange messages, letters, etc. because the fastest way to learn a language is to use it.

  1. Help yourself with available technology

Nowadays it is easy to find almost anything on the internet with minimal effort. There are various applications and sites where you can learn a foreign language and test your knowledge for free. Online dictionaries are a good option if you do not want to spend money on books. Since everyone today has smartphones, you can also always carry them with you.

  1. Watch movies and read

It greatly helps to watch movies in a language you are trying to learn with a translation. Besides mostly listening to native speakers, you hear the foreign word and read a translation at the same time and learn while relaxing during your leisure time. Furthermore, one of the best ways to expand your vocabulary is reading books. Many bookshops and libraries offer literature in foreign languages that will make you search for new words in a dictionary and learn them in order to understand what you are reading.

  1. Find a partner for learning

This is one of the advantages of schools of foreign languages, but if you have decided to learn a new language by yourself, you can always find a friend to learn with. You will help and encourage each other that way as well as communicate and share the knowledge you gained through conversation. If you do not have anyone to learn with, one of the previous advice could help you so you could search various forums and find interested people. You can only benefit from learning a language in company.


  1. Learn from your mistakes

If you are learning a foreign language, be ready to make mistakes in the beginning. We all know you can learn best from your own mistakes. The process of learning a new language is not different in that regard. If you write or pronounce a word wrong and then correct yourself, you will remember it better because you simply spent more time on it. This is why communication is key and it is good to have someone who can tell you when you are making a mistake and correct you. It is one of the reasons why we advise you to learn with other people and communicate in a foreign language regularly. Do not avoid conversations in a foreign language because of fear of making a mistake, it is a perfectly normal part of learning that should be taken advantage of and accepted.

  1. Have fun

The last thing we should mention is fun. It is key not to forget to have fun and enjoy the process of learning a foreign language. Learn in a way that suits you. Do not turn it into an effort that makes you dizzy when you think of it. Learn in a fun way. Take your time so you do not start to hate the very thought of the language you have chosen.


Nowadays, we are all interconnected and knowledge of foreign languages is more important than ever before. Encourage your friends to learn together because the feeling of communicating in another language with someone is priceless. Technology development offers many possibilities so it would be a shame not to use them and master new languages easily!

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