Translating texts of all types into more than 60 languages is our core business. In addition, we provide associated services such as certified translation, editing, proofreading, localization, copywriting, and subtitling.

Leave your project in the capable hands of our language professionals and be sure of the quality of the services provided.

You can ask for info or place an order in the following ways:

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The information we need to send you a quote as soon as possible is the language of your file to be translated (source language), the translation language (target language) and files with the content you want us to translate.

For us to give you our best possible quote, we need to calculate the correct number of characters/words, which is why you should attach or send us all of the files that need to be translated. Upon receiving your request, we will determine the service price according to the source and target languages, quantity and complexity of the text, as well as turnaround time.

As soon as we get your files and basic info, we will analyze them, create a non-binding quote and send it to you by e-mail. After you confirm your order, we’ll handle the rest.

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We believe that everyone should know that translation is not just converting words from one language into another. In addition to excellent knowledge of grammar and spelling of source and target languages, the translator needs to be immersed in the culture of the target language and well-versed in its particularities and linguistic nuances. Moreover, he or she has to delve into the specific field or industry of the source text, with a strong focus on finding the right counterparts for industry-specific terms, acronyms or phrases in the target language, so the message stays intact.

We translate all types of written materials, from websites and blog posts to technical and legal documentation. Each field requires specific translator knowledge and skills, and with our translating team you can be sure that your project will be handled by professionals.

We also know how important deadlines and fast delivery are. With us, you will get it done on time, without compromising service quality. If it is not possible to complete the project by the initial deadline, we will notify you on time and discuss terms that suit you.

High quality, speed and trust for a long-term partnership.



Certified or sworn translation means that a court interpreter (sworn translator), authorized by a competent court or another state authority, guarantees that the content, style and terminology of the translated document is faithful to the original. Only a certified translation has the evidentiary power of a public document, which means that if you want your foreign language document to be formally recognized by an authority of a country, it has to be translated and certified by a court interpreter (sworn translator).

At Sinonim, you can ask for a certified translation of your personal identification documents, all types of corporate, legal, technical, medical and pharmaceutical documentation, and everything else you need to be formally translated and recognized.



Editing and proofreading are steps in translation projects we take to correct any grammar, spelling and style errors left by the translator, but they are also much more than that. They ensure that the translation attains the highest possible linguistic level. We don’t merely eliminate typos and spelling mistakes – we also make and recommend adequate stylistic and terminological changes. Consistency is key when dealing with a text, therefore the editor takes care of everything from lexicology and syntax to text structure.

Textual errors distract from the message and give a negative impression about the author. Editing purifies the text, adapting the language and allowing the reader to focus all their attention on the content – the message of the text.

You can request editing and/or proofreading services for all types of texts and send your materials in pretty much any file format.



Localization means we adapt products and services to the target market or culture in order to give the impression they originated there. This is both total adaptation of written contents and adaptation of a product’s or service’s functionality to that market. Localization also may include adaptation to the legal and regional demands of the target language and country, as well as to numerous cultural nuances specific to every language, country, and even its regions.

Some of the areas of localization we are proficient in are software applications and video games.



We provide subtitling services for all audiovisual materials; everything from short, promotional videos and reports to feature and documentary films. In addition to linguistic quality and translation accuracy, we are dedicated to getting the technical details right, such as synchronization with the audio or subtitle duration and length.



Today, copywriting is one of the most important jobs in the marketing and sales industries. The key thing is to tell a story that will become a part of a customer's identity, who can then identify with the message of a product or a service. In this way, potential customers are offered high-quality content that will not bluntly try to get them to purchase something, but rather intrigue, inform and educate them, which will ultimately create a desire for the product.

Use the potential of our gifted writers, who will supply you with creative, technical or entertaining contents for different purposes and platforms, tailor-made for your target audience. Copy can be requested in any of the languages we offer.


Upon accepting a translation project, we prepare the files for conversion and upload into our chosen CAT software. We verify that the entire text is translatable and, as necessary, perform text conversion using OCR tools. The project is then assigned to translator(s) with a clearly specified deadline and any additional client requirements. Each project/client has a dedicated TM and term base, and we make sure to use those resources consistently. Each translation project consists of three steps: translation, editing and proofreading. Each step is done by a different linguist. If the files are to be returned in the original format, the final review comes in the form of formatting verification and the last spellcheck. We also provide the desktop publishing service if the client needs the translated files to fully retain the original formatting and graphical elements.