Our Story

Sinonim Translation Agency was founded in 2014 by Igor Jurić, Mario Džido and Siniša Bućan, envisioned as a company that will use state-of-the-art translation technologies and processes and be a reliable language service provider.
From the very beginning, we have been aware that translating is a complex, demanding, but also a valuable and interesting job that opens up new horizons and insights. We also know that professional approach and commitment are essential for providing our clients with the service level they need and deserve. This has enabled us to carry out challenging projects within tight deadlines, regardless of industry or language, which is something we are very proud of.
In addition to in-house employees, we have established a wide network of freelancers and partner agencies, so we can offer numerous language combinations and accommodate every client.
We're here for our clients, and their satisfaction and long-term partnerships are the best indicators of Sinonim’s quality and constant investment into client relations. Our team has worked with many reputable local and international companies that have recognized our approach based on effort, persistence and constant improvement. Some of those are HP, Xerox, Valamar Riviera, IVECO, FOX Networks Group and HBO. Join them!

Excellence for strong partnerships


Our mission is to provide linguistic services of utmost quality, enabling our clients to express their thoughts and ideas in any desired language.


Our vision is to contribute to the growth of our industry and establish strong partnerships by providing exceptional language services.

Meet us

Igor Jurić

Chief Financial Officer
Igor is a finance and marketing specialist with years of experience in those fields. At Sinonim, he is in charge of financial operations, client relations, purchasing and other supporting activities. He always keeps up with recent tech developments, so you’ll never catch him without a smartphone in his hands. Off work, he enjoys soccer.

Mario Džido

Chief Translations Officer
Mario is a seasoned language professional with a treasure trove of industry-specific knowledge and skills that he has built into the success of Sinonim. He is in charge of in-house projects and work processes, making sure that all projects run smoothly from the professional and technical points of view. In his free time, Mario enjoys music, movies and learning new languages.

Siniša Bućan

Chief Operating Officer
Siniša came up with the business idea that later became Sinonim, where he combined his experience in copywriting and content marketing with his love for languages. His domains at Sinonim are project outsourcing and communication with clients. In his free time, Siniša enjoys music, movies, concerts and traveling.


The multitude of languages in our portfolio requires a wide network of reliable and professional associates. All our associates are native speakers of their target languages, ensuring excellent translations in the spirit of the language for our clients. Our language experts have university degrees and ample experience, so we can provide high-quality language services with fast turnaround times. Both our in-house and outsourced associates undergo a testing process determining the quality of their work, reliability and other skills necessary for outstanding language services.
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