Today, communication is the key to everything – from high-quality relationships with another person to business success. Fast and high-quality translation service is one of the main steps in using new market potentials and broadening your business empire. Legal compliance, marketing strategy, customer service, and after all, the whole image of your brand depends on the quality of translation and how successful you are while spreading your message to potential consumers. Studies have shown that 56% of consumers believes that availability of information on a product or service in their language is more important than price, while 75% of them decides to buy if product information is available in their language (source: Common Sense Advisory).

The vast majority of people are more open and ready to accept your ideas if you address them in their language. Wouldn't you understand and accept the message more easily if you heard it in your language?

Translating is not just transferring text from one language into another. In addition to excellent knowledge of grammar and spelling of both languages, the translator needs to know the culture of the target language, its particularities and linguistic nuances, as well as the terminology of the field and business the translation regards. At Sinonim, we pay special attention to every detail so that the meaning of the message stays intact.

We also know that deadlines and quick turnaround are incredibly important. With us as a partner, you can be sure that you will get all the necessary materials on time, without compromising service quality. If it is not possible to deliver the service in the desired deadline, we will notify you on time and discuss terms that suit you.


Upon receiving materials for translation, first the format of the material is checked, and then converted into a format in which the text can be edited. This is usually Microsoft Word.

After that, we check the document for graphic content or photographs with text which cannot be edited and need to be translated separately. We also determine the type of text in order to choose appropriate translation memories and glossaries. Sinonim offers translation services of all types of texts – from legal and technical documentation to menus and tourist brochures. We have everything you need in one place.

The next stage is uploading the text in Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools. Then a new translation memory is created or an existing translation memory uploaded together with a small dictionary, list of terms used in certain fields, known to translators as a glossary.

After that, we begin translating the text in the CAT tool itself. Our task is to make sure that the style of the translation matches the type of translated text, with thorough previous research of field terminology while, of course, enforcing grammar and spelling rules of the language.

But the translation process doesn’t end once the text is translated. After translation comes editing and proofreading. It includes complete review of the translated content in order to remove all possible mistakes, ensure systematic use of terminology throughout the document, and verify comprehensibility and readability. Only then is the translation downloaded from the tool.

In the final stage we conduct the review of the final version, its comparison to original, formatting as well as the last grammar and spelling check. The translation needs to be identical to the original document, and if that isn't possible due to technical barriers, the translation needs to be as similar to the original document as possible so the client could navigate easily through the translation.

The reviewed document is then saved in the original format it was received in and sent to the client.


Today, globalization is an indispensable process in our everyday life. Borders are disappearing, goods and service markets are broadening, and consumers expect more every day. All of this demands companies to react quickly and efficiently.

On this journey of global level expansion and fulfillment of consumers' wishes, needs and ensuring growth and development of your company, you need a reliable partner. Find it in Sinonim!

We translate all types of written materials, from websites and blog posts to technical and legal documentation.


Translation of marketing materials can have a major impact on the public perception of your brand. It's not important just to translate the materials correctly, but also to convey the message to the target audience and prompt it to action; high-quality translation in the spirit of language will do exactly that.

1. Translation of Websites

Today, approximately 3 billion people use the Internet, and 72% of them spend most of their online time on sites that are available in their language. If your company exports or plans to export products and/or services to foreign markets, if you want to strengthen your brand, improve user experience or global level SEO results, professional translation will make that possible.

Although it seems quite simple at first sight, translation of websites includes not only translation, but adaptation of the language for the target market. At Sinonim, we apply terminology characteristic for websites in a certain language and take care of cultural nuances that can make a huge difference.

Miramo Club, Prodan Tartufi, Zagreb Bus Station, and many other tourist clients entrusted us with translation of their websites.

2. Translation of Advertising Materials (flyers, brochures, business cards, etc.)

Image that, after all the effort you've put into your advertising materials and target group approach, a substandard translation undoes everything you have done. You will lose your money and your temper, so it's better to immediately find someone who will "hit the nail on the head".

Our translators with years of experience know how to connect with your target group audience and prompt them to action. If you need help with your advertising materials, our team of copywriters is always prepared to turn your wishes and ideas into meaningful, creative, and appealing text.

3. Translation of Press Releases, Social Network Posts, Internet Advertisements and Blog Posts

Shorter translations such as social network posts, website blogs, press releases or keywords for advertising on Google are also a part of our everyday job. Keywords are particularly sensitive for translation because they have an exact number of characters, and the meaning of the word needs to be transferred precisely and clearly. But if you leave that part of your marketing plan to us, you won't have to worry about it because we'll do everything for you.

4. Translation of Tourism Texts

We know all tricks of the trade when it comes to translation of different tourism materials. Descriptions of destinations, trips, restaurant menus, flyers, brochures – you name it and we'll do it! We love these types of texts because they're interesting in terms of translation, but we also know how sensitive they are since it's extremely important to look out for local expressions, names of places and specific names of dishes so as not to turn "ljuti umak" (hot sauce, lit. angry sauce) into an angry sauce and "prilog" (side dish, lit. adverb) into an adverb.

Communication with tourists can be key to their satisfaction with services provided. If you're not multilingual, it's best to compensate for this in writing. Languages are an essential and inseparable part of communication skills, they contribute to better communication, greater guest satisfaction, their recommendations and, ultimately, better business results.

Availability of diverse foreign languages is welcome and it makes the tourist service richer and better.

Many of our satisfied clients, such as Greethings d.o.o., were aware of this and entrusted us with the translation of a tourism booklet named "A Journey through Croatia for All Your Senses" into Croatian, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Czech, Russian and Korean.

Valamar is a long-term client of Sinonim and we're cooperating on a big project named "Perfect Experience Creator" for which we're translating all the materials into English, German, Slovenian and Italian. We also gained the trust of Sun Gardens Dubrovnik for which we translated menus, and it all sounded so delicious that we were really, really hungry after each translation!


Technical documentation is extremely complicated and sensitive to translate because it concerns specific products and terminology. The importance of a high-quality translation is paramount seeing as how technical equipment manuals may cause dangerous consequences for users and the maintenance crew if they contain errors or ambiguities in translation.

Luckily, we have a lot of experience in translation of technical documentation, especially in construction and electrical engineering.

We've had the opportunity to translate technical projects, quotes, documentation for machine operation and maintenance, factory behavior instructions, sensitive technical business documentation, contracts and various other materials.

In addition to that, our experts translated various instruction manuals for many electrical devices such as printers, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, hand or stand mixers, kitchen scales, bread makers, electrical grills and others. Instruction manual translations are a subtype of technical translations, so it is important to use a formal and clear style, but also proper terminology.

We recognized the importance of it firsthand while working with our loyal client and technology giant, Hewlett-Packard (HP), for which we translate, edit and proofread texts. Ask us anything you want about HP's printers and ink cartridges, we know everything!

HP is a good example of how the only way to ensure excellent translation quality is to have the same translator or a group of translators always do the translation, editing and proofreading for a certain company. Then you can be sure that the same technical and specific terms and phrases are used consistently, which improves quality and understanding of specialized texts.


Finance, economic and legal materials include translations of various business contracts, acts, annexes to contracts, economic tender documents, calculations and financial reports, legal texts, banking and bookkeeping documentation, audits and other related materials.

The specific terminology of legal texts, in addition to cultural and linguistic specificities, may constitute a real challenge for any translator. The job is additionally made more difficult by inconsistencies in legal systems and terms used in different states, therefore, the translation of such texts must allow for functioning of law in multiple languages and at all levels, from the national to the international.

In order to translate a legal term, it is necessary to understand what it means within the legal system where it is applied and within which it has a legal effect. Then comes the comparison of the extent to which the term of the target language legal system, i.e., the language being translated to, corresponds with the term of the source language, i.e, the language being translated from. The level of correspondence is estimated by their conceptual analysis which examines the content, the legal effect and the field of use of the terms compared.

Contractual documentation is especially sensitive and requires special precision and following of client's instructions. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priority, which is why signing of a non-disclosure agreement is common practice at Sinonim. That way you can be sure that your business arrangements and information are protected.

We have translated diplomatic correspondence, court documentation and legal materials for many clients, including the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia, with which we've been successful partners for years. Optima Telekom, one of the largest fixed telephone, television and internet service providers, has also entrusted us with the translation of its business documentation.


The Ministry of Science and Education brought us back to school and entrusted us with the translation of the National Curriculum of the Republic of Croatia for pre-primary, primary and secondary education from Croatian into English. Our team translated curricula for mathematics, English language, history, technical culture, science and social studies, art, music and computer science from Croatian into English.

Apart from us remembering our school days, it was extremely important to be careful about the style of writing, because each subject, as well as the entire educational sector, has its own specialized terminology. The project also included the service of desktop publishing for the translation, because all the materials contained quite a lot of graphs and charts.

We have translated, edited and proofread scientific papers for the Faculty of Law Osijek, the Institute of Economics Zagreb, Faculty of Agrobiotechnical Sciences Osijek, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Osijek, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences Osijek as well as for the local, large export company Đuro Đaković from Slavonski Brod.