We provide translation, proofreading/reviewing and localization services covering more than 60 languages. You can request a free quote or ask for info using the following methods:

  1. Click "REQUEST A FREE QUOTE" and follow the instructions
  2. Contact us via e-mail at:

As soon as we receive your request, we will determine the price of the service in question according to the criteria of desired language pair, text quantity and complexity as well as the delivery date. The unit on which we base our pricing is either per one standard source page containing 1500 characters with spaces or per source word.

We will then promptly send you a non-binding written quote via e-mail. From the first moment you get in touch with us until the first project is completed, our professional approach and expertise will make sure you never have to look elsewhere for language services again.

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If you're looking to express your ideas perfectly, convey or receive full and clear information and present your business in the best possible light, you need professional translations. Our motto is to translate in the spirit of the language, which means that we make sure to use the right terminology and pay attention to cultural nuance to keep the message intact.


Editing & Proofreading

By editing and proofreading we bring every text to linguistic perfection. Along with correcting grammatical errors and typos, we suggest appropriate stylistic changes and bring any omissions and inconsistencies to client's attention. Two services in one that are worth every penny.



We adapt products and services to specific markets to create the impression that they originate from those markets. Our primary localization fields are apps and video games, with numerous clients attesting to our quality.



If you need your translation to be in a flyer, brochure, booklet or any other type of visual, we provide graphic design services to deliver the translation in a form identical to the original.



Our team of language experts is also trained in subtitling services for all types of audiovisual contents. We make sure to pay attention to cultural differences and adapt the contents to the target language and culture while preserving the original meaning.



Our gifted and highly qualified writers will be happy to deliver creative or professional blogs, posts or articles for you. Benefit from their talents and feel free to contact us with topic of your choice and instructions and guidelines.


Upon accepting a translation project, we prepare the files for conversion and upload into our chosen CAT software. We verify that the entire text is translatable and, as necessary, perform text conversion using OCR tools. The project is then assigned to translator(s) with a clearly specified deadline and any additional client requirements. Each project/client has a dedicated TM and term base, and we make sure to use those resources consistently. Each translation project consists of three steps: translation, editing and proofreading. Each step is done by a different linguist. If the files are to be returned in the original format, the final review comes in the form of formatting verification and the last spellcheck. We also provide the desktop publishing service if the client needs the translated files to fully retain the original formatting and graphical elements.


The main QA elements in our translation process are the use of CAT tools, appropriate TMs and term bases as well as the editing, proofreading and final review steps. This is how we make sure that the proper terminology is consistently used for each client and project and that there are no untranslated or poorly translated segments and spelling errors.