ministry of justice

We have been successfully cooperating with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia for two years now. The Ministry uses our services for translation of various legal documents, such as legislation, judicial documents, and diplomatic correspondence.


Tech giant HP is continuously introducing new products, where promotional materials are an essential part. Web advertising, visuals, website texts – regardless of the content, our task was to provide localization services quickly, professionally and with high quality.


The name of this world-renowned manufacturer of printers, presses and photocopiers is a synonym for photocopying. Our task was to localize Xerox's media releases to Croatian, Bosnian, Macedonian and Albanian language.


The name FOX needs no introduction – the logo of this media company is known to millions of viewers in the world. We are proud that our client was particularly pleased with our translation of important contract documents for the Fox Networks Group from English to Croatian language.


ministry of science

The Ministry of Science and Education brought us back to school by entrusting us with the translation of the National Curriculum of the Republic of Croatia for preschool, primary, and secondary education and training from Croatian into English.


Optima, one of the largest fixed telephony, television and Internet service providers in the Republic of Croatia has entrusted us with the translation of sensitive business documentation from Croatian to English language and vice versa, as well as from Slovenian to Croatian language.


While working with numerous Croatian marketing agencies, we also came across this well-known brand of non-alcoholic drinks. We must admit, we have not remained immune to nostalgic memories when we were translating promotional materials for Cockta.


With the young IT company Agrivi, which has developed a successful application for agricultural production management, we have established a solid business relationship which began with the translation of terminology used in the application to Japanese language.


HAC is engaged in operation, construction and maintenance of motorways and Sinonim has established a quality business relationship with the company as well as signed a cooperation agreement. For HAC we translate written financial and legal materials from Croatian language to English and vice versa.



The Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway hired our translator for consecutive translation at the meeting in Vukovar at the end of 2017. We were happy to find out that all parties in the meeting were very satisfied with our service.


Kornat Ittica, an Italian-owned fish farming company, has ordered a translation of internal labor regulations from Italian to Croatian and English language. A reliable translation was especially important because the instructions and guidelines about business methods and working principles that all employees must adhere to were in question.


Labud is a domestic manufacturer of detergents and cleaning agents with which we established a long-term cooperation by translating safety data sheets and product labels to Slovak, English and Slovenian language.


We have established a successful cooperation with the Poslovni savjetnik magazine based on the translations of business articles from English to Croatian language. Our articles are regularly published in the printed edition of Poslovni savjetnik, as well as on their web portal.



We have been working for Italian commercial vehicle manufacturer IVECO on a regular basis, localizing marketing projects and social media postings into Serbian and Slovenian.


Our cooperation with the Prodan tartufi family business began with the translation of their website to English, German and Russian language, and lately we have been translating their promotional materials into Chinese (simplified alphabet).


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With Miramo Club we have established a continuous business relationship which includes translation of materials from Croatian to several foreign languages, such as German, French, Italian, Slovenian and Russian. The texts contain specific terminology used in the field of boat and yacht brokerage.



The Centre for Entrepreneurship is a non-profit association of citizens for supporting entrepreneurs and the EU projects. CFE has been our partner since the very beginning of Sinonim with which we have successfully cooperated by providing translation and proofreading services for the needs of projects funded by the European Union.


ministry of demographics


We have been working with the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth continuously for over a year on a project related to social care services for the following language pairs: French – Croatian, English – Croatian, and French – English.


The company Greethings d.o.o. entrusted us with the project of translating the tourist booklet A Journey Throught Croatia for All Your Senses to the following languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Czech, Russian and Korean.


The Faculty of Law in Osijek requested a language review of the collection of research papers that were written in English by legal experts from various countries in the Southeast Europe. The research papers contained complex legal jargon from the field of private international law.