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Valamar Riviera is a company engaged in tourism with more than 30 hotels and resorts on the Adriatic coast. We have achieved a continuous cooperation with the company. Sinonim translates promotional materials to English, German, Slovenian and Italian language for Valamar Riviera.

HP, Xerox i Microsoft are global tech giants, known for their high standards when it comes to outsourced services. We continuously work with the companies, our tasks including localization into multiple languages, such as Croatian, Czech, Albanian, Macedonian and Slovenian.


We provide language services in numerous Asian languages, including Chinese, Korean, Bengali, Vietnamese and Japanese. Among a number of clients, Croatian startup Agrivi entrusted us with the localization of their farming software for the Japanese market.


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More than 4 million translated words per year, 150+ clients and 1000+ delivered projects make Sinonim a perfect solution for all your language concerns. Thanks to years of experience in the industry, we can handle translation of any type of written materials quickly, high-quality and professionally. Whether you need translation, proofreading, localization or any other language service – we are here to help.